This Piece was Started 7/15/2003 and is a work "In Progress"  - Lacy
The Toolmaker Became The Tool

   How ironic, indeed tragic.  
   The creative potential of mankind subjugated to 
   the lowly role of a Tool of Society.

   Conformity replaces Self Expression.
   Obedience replaces Free Will
   Self Victimization replaces Responsibility 

   The once proud noble creature, is broken
   and domesticated to become a good and
   useful tool... not under the control of his
   own spirit but under the yoke of society's
   values and demands.

   To accomplish this you must start early.
    Long before the child is aware of what
    is happening.  Long before his capacity
    to ever remember how life ever felt when
    he or she once had a will and Spirit and
    Self that were one.

    The "Spiritual Lobotomy" is typically
    performed around the age of two when
    the natural human being is just beginning
    to assert and act according to his own

    Unlike the Hunter-Gatherer environment the human's
    genome was formed under, where mobility and 
    social interdependence were the keys to survival.
    A world where possessions that were not tools were
    liabilities - not assets.
    Society's "domesticated human" is indoctrinated at
    an early age into a new  and un-natural paradigm of
    monetary exchange and materialism with the only
    item that was of real value to you and I at the age of two...
    The Love of our parents.
         Oh, how utterly effective!  The withholding of approval
    and Love until you hold up your end of the "transaction"
    and perform like a "good boy" or "good girl" should.
         Tit for tat.... the transactional model of human exchange
    is taught at such an early age that you will become so 
    conditioned that when you "grow up" and substitute
    the material model, you will actually believe that  it is
    the way to obtain happiness.  
        What was once of innate value, the Love of your parents,
    has been replaced with Society's way to control you...
    your belief that doing what society wants will bring you
    happiness.  After all, it worked when you were two! 
    It is the only way you will consciously know how to obtain
    what you want, or have been taught to want.

        It worked so well that you even were indoctrinated into
     the incredible concept that you could not even Love
     Yourself unless you performed, not according to
     the values directed by your internal conscience but
     according to the values Society has "taught you" to
     buy into.

        Because you were taught that your spirit was not to
    be trusted, you do not even look there.  No telling what
    you might find!  Your relationship with your  Self is so
    tangential it is almost nonexistent. 

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