Phonetic Reader/Writer

  The genesis for this project as well as all of my other projects was a personal frustration. I want to read more!... and I read rather slowly, at least for the amount of ground I would like to cover.  I have looked at speed reading courses and even downloaded a number of computer based speed reading systems.   I think the whole system of the way we read and write needs an overhaul!

   What started out as "There has Got to be a better Way!"  to "Read" has expanded into a full blown inquiry into the whole way we communicate or more frequently "miscommunicate"!  We are in a critical era where the keyboard and the book must give way to better methods!  I believe we must abandon the  current paradigms in favor of ones that do not carry yesterdays limitations into tomorrow!
    My investigation leads me to believe that if we made a serious revamp of  Reading and Writing and certain aspects of spoken communication style, the following are likely outcomes:
     1) The keyboard would disappear except for museums  
     2) Average reading speed would be in excess of 1,200 wpm not the current 300-400 wpm.  
     3) Electronic media would replace paper books as the preferred medium and trees would be saved and books would be available at far lower cost.  
   I am not the only one to champion the phonetic system. George Bernard Shaw the English playwright attempted and failed to promote it for general consumption.  So, why then am I even trying?  First and foremost because it makes sense to me!  And there are numerous things that have happened in the intervening years as well as lots of present day problems this new system will solve.
   There are over 560 ways to represent the forty four "sounds" that we can make to create words. It's a wonder children learn to read and write! 
   The primary thing that slows down reading is eye movement and fixation. In this system the eye is stationary.